PyData Hamburg (Oct 18, 2023)

In case you know people in Hamburg, Germany, please share tonight’s PyData Hamburg meetup with them. Thanks!


  1. Open-Source Science (OSSci) : Explore how OSSci aims to accelerate scientific progress by enhancing open-source software in science. Learn about their progress, future plans, and ways to get involved.
  2. Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Open Source Software: Discover how academia and open-source software can collaborate for scientific advancements. This talk aims to spark discussions on cross-pollination and practical ideas for collaborative work.
  3. Make Your Data Conversational Using GenAI: Explore integrating Large-Language Models into data science workflows to extract data insights conversationally. Learn about an open-source library that can accelerate data analysis tasks.
  4. Improving Observability of SCADA Systems: Dive into a novel solution for enhancing observability and traceability in modern control systems. This solution integrates with SCADA frameworks and uses Elastic APM for real-time analysis and diagnosis.

Should be fun!

Here’s our write-up, incl. links to two other posts by attended: