Help us with 2024 conference and event planning!

Update 10/27: 5 more events added

Our event radar is showing 16 conferences and events for 2024 so far:

Please help us fill in the blanks and add anything relevant to OSSci.

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Couple new ones we’ve found:

Please keep adding to the list by commenting below. Thanks!

Up to 29 events. OSSci will attend a number of them, but as for the rest we’ll be looking for ambassadors (to represent OSSci and forge new connections on our behalf) and correspondents (to report back and share impressions, insights, key take aways, etc.). Hope you’re ready! :wink:


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Good download on today’s Chemistry IG call:

  • ACS Green Chemistry has an AI for Green Chemistry symposia in 2024
  • 17th German Conference on Cheminformatics and EuroSAMPL Satellite Workshop, May 8 -12, 2022 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Germany
  • Various EMBL events: EMBL-EBI Industry Programme – EMBL-EBI Industry partnerships
  • Acceleration Consortium, a bit more materials science focused:
  • ACS Conferences (Spring is New Orleans, Fall is Denver)
  • Drug Discovery Chemistry (April 1-4, 2024 in San Diego)
  • Gordon Research Conference - Advancing Chemical Discovery Through Theory, Simulation, and Data Science (July 21-26, 2024 at Univ. of Southern ME)
  • MRS Spring and Fall
  • NeurIPS (AI for Materials)
  • Ray Summit 2024 (prob Sept, SF)

Will add to our list later.