Notes: Map of Open Source Science IG Call Sept 18

MOSS Sept 18

Major Discussion Points:

  • Tim Bonnemann initiated the discussion by mentioning recent prototyping efforts. He shared his experience at a computational chemists conference in Greece, where he surveyed attendees about the open-source tools they use. He visualized this data using Kumu, a mapping tool, highlighting tools and their contributors.
  • Alexy briefly updated on sharing a concept paper with others and emphasized the importance of mapping the open-source community for better insights and connections.
  • Boris Veytsman discussed the challenges of affiliations in open-source contributions, as people change affiliations or may not want to disclose them.
  • Maggie from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory introduced herself and expressed interest in identifying tools that could span multiple projects she’s involved in.
  • Nicole introduced herself as a PhD student working on network analysis of publications and expressed interest in collaborating on the mapping project.
  • Stephanie Lieggi from CROSS/UCSC highlighted an upcoming symposium with sessions relevant to the group.
  • The group discussed the importance of mapping open-source tools and contributors, the challenges of gathering data, and the potential benefits of such a map for researchers and organizations. They also discussed potential collaborations and upcoming events.