Notes: Map of Open Source Science IG Call Oct 9

Discussion points:

Mapping Project Progress: Jonathan Starr provides an update on the mapping project, mentioning the transition from version one to version two. Version two is being built with more structured data and a focus on specific metrics.

Visualization Tool: Kumu is mentioned as the tool being used for visualization. It’s aimed at creating an interactive map of the Num-FOCUS ecosystem, including projects, organizations, and contributors, color-coded and shape-coded for clarity.

Timeline: Jonathan discusses the project’s timeline, with the goal of completing version two by the end of October, although there’s a possibility it might extend into mid-November.

Guided Tours: The project aims to create guided tours of the map to help users navigate and understand the information effectively.

Integration of Papers: The group discusses the potential integration of research papers into the map.

Expanding to Other Ecosystems: There’s a plan to expand the mapping project to cover other organizations and ecosystems, such as universities and their involvement with open source.

User-Generated Content: There’s a vision for allowing anyone to add projects to the map, with some form of validation or curation process.

Metrics and Importance: The importance of defining and displaying metrics for project importance and popularity is discussed. Different metrics, including community health and usage metrics, are considered.

Standard Workflows: The idea of presenting standard workflows within specific domains or communities is brought up as a way to guide new users in choosing the most relevant software tools.

Community Collaboration: The discussion emphasizes the importance of community collaboration, feedback, and contributions to improve and refine the map continuously.

Repository of Curation Sources: A suggestion is made to create a collaborative document that lists various curation sources and platforms used to narrow down project curation. This can help organize and standardize the curation process.

Project Management: There’s an agreement to bring more structured project management to the initiative.